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Why Houszy?

Because if you are a home buyer we can provide you with very low-priced evaluation stays at extraordinary houses in exceptional locations.

EUR 0 to EUR 250

Discover Houszy

Houszy allows second home owners to generate an income while their properties are for sale, by offering overnight evaluation stays to potential home buyers at attractive booking fees and conditions, often including the assistance of a professional butler.

Blockchain technology

We will guaranty the fulfilment of these conditions through smart contracts supplied by third-party blockchain technology.


This is what we do



We identify an attractive and well-priced second home that is for sale, and we establish a connection with its owner.



Then,  we list it on our platform after we made it ready for evaluation stays, including clearance of all legal issues.



Finally, we help to reintroduce it back in the market, allowing a potential buyer to experience it for a few days.

Users key benefits



Generate monthly fees from evaluation stays while your house is on the market to bring about its required maintenance, or even a key upgrading.

See All Home Owners Benefits

  • Raise your property’s market potential by providing potential buyers with an attractive engagement venue.

  • Make money from booking fees by potential buyers during their evaluation stays, and use this money to enhance the property’s appearance by making small key improvements, or staging the main rooms.

  • Stay for free at any of our other listed properties through our special arrangement with all owners.

  • Reduce the time your house is on the market by increasing the number of visits from potential buyers, as the property is ready for viewings anytime it’s required. This is particularly convenient if the property is far from your home or it’s not in the usual vicinity of a good real estate agent, or you have decided to sell it on FSBO basis (for-sale-by-owner).

  • At some locations, we can provide a professional butler to accommodate buyers at no cost to you.

  • Or, why don’t you just take advantage of our hands-free mode? Let us do everything for you, from dealing with potential buyers to delivering you the best buy offer. We can establish partnerships with the best local real estate agents.

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Stimulate potential buyers into entering new deals by giving them the possibility to book exclusive consideration time for an open to choice number of days.

See All Real Estate Agent Benefits

  • Relaunch your marketing campaign with this added advantageous feature.

  • Rescue stagnant deals with a new stimulus.

  • Capture fresh deals before your competition does.

  • At some locations, we can provide a professional butler to accommodate buyers on a shared commission basis.

  • Differentiate yourself from other agents by having something different and powerful to offer.

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Make a booking to stay at any of our listed properties, and automatically secure an exclusive option to buy it for the asking price during your stay.

See All Home Buyers Benefits

  • You can now make sure the house you are considering to buy “feels” right before you go ahead with this important acquisition.

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to “live” the property’s nearest amenities, and practice sports and other nearby interesting activities.

  • Benefit from having the exclusive option to buy the house you are staying at while you are booked. Your booking carries an implicit option to buy it for the asking price. We can guarantee this through the use of “smart contracts” supported by Ethereum.

  • Book extra days to make up your mind, secure financing or to make a counteroffer. Compare that to a typical binder deposit, which requires 5-30% down.

  • Get a good estimation of the house’s additional remodelling needs during your evaluation stay.

  • At some locations, we can provide a professional butler who will take care of you during your stay at no cost to you.

  • Review the house’s blog about previous visitors opinions.

  • Consider your house-hunting job as an exciting holiday! Our listed properties are located in amazing places you would love to discover.

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Featured butlers

At some properties, we can provide a resident butler during the selling period at no cost to neither the owner nor the buyer.

Featured properties

Getting started for home owners

Step 1


Upload information about your property, including location, description, photos, and asking price. Decide also what you want to charge potential buyers per evaluation day.

Step 2


Use the income generated from bookings to make small key improvements, such as refurbishing some rooms or reconditioning the property’s façade and common areas.

Step 3


Supervise the property’s viewings or, if you prefer, leave that to us, begin to review offers, and sell for the best one to benefit from your property’s improved market reposition.

Featured locations

Our fees

We ask owners a one-off fee equal to the booking price of one day, which we only charge when the first booking is made.

Our service fee to buyers is 15%, added to the total booking amount plus 1% success fee (*).

We believe our fees are well deserved because we provide two very important services to potential buyers:

  • The first service we bring is the possibility to “test” selected properties before they buy them, which can save them a lot of money in both scenarios: whether buying or not. If buyers, after their stay, decide to buy, they will have more valid arguments during negotiations; and, if otherwise, after staying at the property they decide not to buy it, then, obviously, they would have avoided a costly mistake.

  • The second service we provide is to guide potential buyers as to how much their offer should be, as we would know what other offers have been rejected for being too low; or alternatively, what would be the likely offer the owner would be happy to accept.

*Our fees % will drop after incorporating blockchain technology.