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Houszy is a free online platform where professional butlers can find owners of luxury second homes, willing to let them stay during a limited period of time, in exchange for accommodating potential buyers during a few days evaluation stays, which entitles them to a sales commission when these properties are sold.

How It Works

A unique process that offers extreme efficiency in the sale of luxury homes.


With the help of well established real estate agencies, we identify upmarket properties and we establish a connection with their owners.


We then appoint a professional butler to begin the necessary home reconditioning to make it ready for evaluation stays by potential buyers.


Together with the real agency we reintroduce the property in the market with this new advantageous added feature.

Users Key Features

Each of our three different types of user, working in combination, can benefit from a game-changing key feature.


Generate an income while your house is on the market, while increasing its value by bringing about key maintenance without spending any of your money.

See All House Owners Features

  • Increase your house value and market potential without spending any of your money by letting a trustworthy person stay at your property and assume its maintenance costs, while also looking after interested buyers during test-stays.

  • Make money from potential buyers through stay-and-buy fees.

  • Reduce the time your property is on the market by incrementing the number of visits from potential buyers, as it can be shown anytime it’s required. This is particularly convenient if your property is far from your home or it’s not in the usual vicinity of a good real estate agent.

  • Choose from our preselected traveller candidates. We only propose for assignments people with personal references and a good social media profile.

  • Take advantage of our hands-free mode. Just let us do everything for you, from choosing the person that will rent your property to delivering you the best offer.

How It Works For House Owners


Stay for some time at an exceptional house in return for accommodating potential home buyers during test-stays, and make money when it’s sold.

See All Professional Butlers Features

  • Stay for a while in an extraordinary house at a fantastic location, in exchange for assuming the cost a set of pre-agreed key maintenance and house showing tasks.

  • Earn a good commission when the house you are staying at is sold. We share our sales commission with you on a fifty percent basis.

  • Make money from potential buyers through stay-and-buy fees.

  • Earn additional money by sourcing properties for Houszy wherever you are. If you are interested, we will show how to do it.

  • Receive an email alert when a new house assignment becomes available where you live, or in any other part of the world you would like to discover.

  • Enjoy keeping track on our blog section about other people’s experiences similar to yours.

How It Works For Professional Butlers


Request a booking at any of our listed properties and automatically get an exclusive option to buy it while the duration of your booking.

See All House Buyers Features

  • You can now make sure the house you are considering to buy “feels” right before you do it. And, don’t miss the opportunity to “live” the property’s location and nearest amenities.

  • Benefit from having the exclusive option to buy the house you are staying at while you are booked.

  • Book extra days to secure financing or to make up your mind. Compare that to a typical binder deposit, which requires 5-30% down.

  • Get a good estimation of the house’s additional remodelling needs.

  • You can sell (assign) your option to buy to a third party for a profit while you are booked.

  • Review the house’s blog to see the work in progress and read previous visitors opinions.

  • Consider your house-hunting job as an exciting holiday. Our listed properties are located at amazing places you would love to discover.

How It Works For House Buyers