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Houszy enables upscale home sellers to hire professionals butlers at any location, willing to carry out maintenance work, upgradings, and look after potential buyers during overnight evaluation stays, just in exchange for their accommodation and a sales commission.

We act as the buyer’s agent and our income is generated through a percent commission on the selling price, which is paid by the house buyer when the property is sold. In this way, we can work alongside real estate agents, as their fees are usually paid by the seller.

Houszy is managed by its founder Alain Araw (Linkedin) (Email: and operated by Alain Araw, S.L., a limited liability company registered in Barcelona, Spain – VAT: B-61.923.868.

Our logo was designed to symbolize a butler’s bow tie making the shape of a letter “H”, made up of two arrowheads pointing at each other, symbolising the understanding reached between home buyers and home sellers through our butlers’ interactions. Some see a cat’s face, which in many cultures symbolizes home protection. Click here to enlarge or download.

Our brand name Houszy derives from the combination of the two words “house” + “cozy”.

So let’s make it more “houszy” while we sell it, take care of it or buy it!