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Houszy is a real estate listing platform that allows second home owners to generate an income while their properties are being sold, by offering overnight test-drive stays to potential home buyers at attractive booking fees and conditions.

We intend to generate recurring income through a percent commission on the booking fees and a small finders fee. In this way, we can work in partnership with local real estate agents throughout the marketing process.

Houszy is managed by its founder Alain Araw (Linkedin) (email:

Our logo was designed to symbolize a butler’s bow tie making the shape of a letter “H”, made up of two arrowheads pointing at each other, representing the understanding reached between home buyers and home sellers through our butlers’ interactions. Click here to enlarge or download.

Our brand name Houszy derives from the combination of the two words “house” + “cozy”.

So let’s make it more “houszy” while we sell it, take care of it or buy it!