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Our fees

We ask owners a one-off fee equal to the booking price of one day, which we only charge when the first booking is made.

Our service fee to buyers is 15%, added to the total booking amount plus 1% success fee.

We believe our fees are well deserved because we provide two very important services to potential buyers:

  • The first service we bring is the possibility to “test” selected properties before they buy them, which can save them a lot of money in both scenarios: whether buying or not. If buyers, after their stay, decide to buy, they will have more valid arguments during negotiations; and, if otherwise, after staying at the property they decide not to buy it, then, obviously, they would have avoided a costly mistake.

  • The second service we provide is to guide potential buyers as to how much their offer should be, as we would know what other offers have been rejected for being too low; or alternatively, what would be the likely offer the owner would be happy to accept.