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How it Works for Professional Butlers

You can live at an extraordinary house by helping us to maintain it and sell it during your stay.


Signup and tell us about yourself, where do you want to go, your availability, the type of property you want to live in for a while, and your previous experience and references.


Search for available houses in the Assignment Groups section at the Members Area, introduce yourself to a few owners, and interact online with them about all aspects of your planned stay.


Find out everything about the house itself, surroundings, nearby amenities, what upkeeping tasks are required, and how are you planning to accommodate prospective buyers during their stays.

Getting Started

What is the candidate’s application process?

  • The first step is to sign up, upload your personal profile in the Members Area, and let us approve it.
  • The second step is to find an assignment you would like to undertake by browsing through the Assignment Groups section, also in the Members Area, and ask the house owner to let you join in the group.
  • Thirdly, let the owner revise your profile and invite you to talk privately about yourself, the property, the assignment scope and duration, and finally get an invitation to the property, after signing with Houszy the corresponding assignment agreement.

How are candidates selected for each property?

Houszy pre-selects all candidates based on their resumés, references, reputation, and social media profile. Next, they have to apply directly to the house owner for each assignment through the corresponding Group. The house owner then decides on the basis of his/hers membership profile and their suitability for the assignment if the candidate would be a good fit for the project.

Alternatively, the owner can leave the final selection process to Houszy, in which case our decision would be made on the basis of our best judgment as to the best candidate for the job.

What type of properties do you specialise in?

We specialise in upscale second homes, which are currently not in frequent use by their owners, and whose value and market potential can be significantly increased with simple, but yet effective, maintenance and upkeeping.

Do you provide assignment agreement templates?

Yes, we provide agreement templates per assignment type and country, according to local laws and regulations. But in addition, we like to propose draft agreements for each project, taking into account what was previously agreed by all parties.

Who bears the cost of this maintenance?

Our proposal to owners contemplates that any maintenance or repairs expenses would be paid by the owners through fees generated from potential buyers, and, but man hours be then provided by the butlers.

What is my share of the evaluation stay fees?

Your share is 30% of all fees (50% is for the owner and 20% for Houszy).

What type of upkeeping will I have to do?

The house owner, together with Houszy, would jointly agree at the outset on the key maintenance to be done on the property to increase its market potential without the need of extensive expenditure. It might be a minor renovation or just plain upkeeping and maintenance. It might not be necessary to spend a lot of money to upgrade your home before you sell it. For instance, you could be asked to clean the space thoroughly, make small repairs, look after the garden and occasionally add a fresh coat of paint to a wall or window. We want potential home buyers to walk into a house that looks well maintained, because otherwise if they see that you can’t take care of minor details, they are going to assume you have let bigger problems escape your attention.

What if the owner decides to cancel our agreement once I am there?

The house owner can cancel the agreement only if the minimum staying time agreed with Houszy has elapsed (usually a minimum of three months). However, before we take on a project we pay special attention to the owner’s motivation to sell, and even in some situations, we aim to sign a “rent-to-buy” agreement or an “assignment for use” contract in order to secure the option to buy the property when a suitable offer arrives.

How long are typically assignment stays and do I need to sign a rental agreement to be able to stay?

The duration of these stays depends on everyone’s agenda and the length of time the property is expected to be on the market. In any case, these stays should always be for a minimum of three months to make the assignment worthwhile to everyone.

A rental agreement is not required, what is required however is for the assigned butler to sign a freelance contract with Houszy, and for the owner to include a service clause in the assignment agreement with Houszy.

How much sale commission can I make?

In the buy-sale transaction, we act as agents for the buyer, and so we charge a percentual commission to the buyer on the final sale price. We share this commission on a fifty percent basis with the person that is renting the property (i.e.: you).

For example:

  • We sell the house you are staying at for EUR 2 M.
  • Let’s say we make a commission from the buyer of 3%, which amounts to EUR 60,000.
  • Your share of this commission is 50%, that is EUR 30.000.
  • Let’s assume your stay lasted for 6 months, then you would have made EUR 5,000 per month (in addition to your share of the booking fees), plus you got free accommodation at an extraordinary house and possibly had a fantastic time living in it.
  • And you are all set to take on the next property!

What commitments do I acquire with Houszy and the house owner if I take on an assignment?

  • You might have to leave a mutually agreed refundable deposit with the owner, or with Houszy (depending on each property), carry out all the home improvements, upkeeping, maintenance and marketing tasks agreed with the owner, pay for utilities and insurance if previously agreed, be available to show the property to potential buyers, accommodate potential buyers on a B&B basis if required, and leave the property when the agreement ends.

  • Houszy and the house owner should pay for some remodeling expenses if agreed, call you in advance before visiting the property, consider in good faith all offers made by potential buyers, pay for utilities and insurance if previously agreed, inform you as soon as the house is sold, respect the duration of the agreement until completion, and refund all the pre-agreed renovation expenses made by you if any, and return the deposit when the assignment has been compleated or the term of the agreement  reached.