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How it works for home buyers

Book the exclusive option to buy your dream house while enjoying a free evaluation stay.


Browse through our listed properties and find one that offers you the features and amenities you are looking for, and which fits within your budget.


Request your booking for as long as you need. Your booking gives you the right, but not the obligation, to buy the property for the asking price during your stay.


Let our trustworthy butler look after you during your stay, and experience for yourself every house feature and nearby amenity to help you with your decision.

Getting started

When do I have to pay for my booking?

You only have to pay for your evaluation stay when you arrive at your destination.

How many days can I book?

You can book as many days as you want, provided there is availability. Please check availability on the booking box for each property.

Is the owner bound to selling the house if I make a booking?

Yes. Interested buyers when paying for an evaluation stay are in fact acquiring an option to purchase the property for the asking price, but with the added benefit of a free stay.

How does the buy option work?

Generally speaking, a buy option agreement, also called a real estate option, is an arrangement in which, for a fee, a potential buyer or investor acquires the right to purchase real estate sometime in the future. Option contracts are often used in both commercial and residential transactions.

In this regard, we have legally adapted the typical real estate buy option agreement to the Houszy concept. We have done that by shortening the typical real estate option into days to be able to offer it as an incentive to a wide variety of interested buyers. Specifically, house owners, instead of having the burdensome work of signing an option with every potential buyer, we previously sign a long-term option with them, which we then assign to potential buyers for an agreed number of days.

Do I have to participate in any maintenance tasks during my stay?

Only if you want, but it’s encouraged to do so, as it might help you getting to know the property better. And it could be fun too!

What if another buyer makes an offer while I’m in the house?

When you make your booking, you are in fact buying an implicit right to buy the house for the asking price for the duration of your booking (you can even book more days after your stay to secure exclusivity for a longer time). Nobody else can buy the property while you are booked and have been charged for your booking.

What if the property is sold and some other potential buyer is booked next?

We will offer this potential buyer a similar house under the same conditions. However, if no other satisfactory arrangement can be found, and travelling expenses have been incurred, Houszy will reimburse them when the house sale is completed.

Who bears the responsibility of a bodily injury while visiting the property?

We always ask potential buyers to sign a waiver at the time of booking for possible claims resulting from their visiting the property.

Do I need approval from the owner if I book an evaluation stay?

Generally, after your request is made, we need final approval from the owner before we can confirm your evaluation stay booking. In these cases, you can expect between one to five working days to get the final confirmation.

Can I choose an evaluation stay without a butler?

Yes, you can do so by searching for properties tagged as “Stay Without A Butler”. However, we strongly recommend having someone to look after you during your stay, specially at a large house where it can be troublesome getting to know well all its features and nearby amenities. Having someone at the property who is keeping things running, often makes the difference between staying at a homey place or at an unpleasant and cold house.

What fees do you charge for your service?

In the buy-sale transaction we act as agents for the buyer, and so we charge a percent commission to the buyer on the final sale price. We share this commission on a fifty percent basis with all butlers that have worked on the assignment until the property is sold.

In addition, we charge per transaction a host service fee of twenty percent to the house owner (fees are included in the booking price).

Why might I have to pay a finder's fee as a buyer?

In transactions where there is also a real estate agent involved working for the seller, we ask a finder’s fee to the buyer.

We can do this because we provide two very important services to potential buyers:

The first service we bring is the possibility to “test” their properties before they buy them, which can save them a lot of money in both scenarios: whether buying or not. If buyers, after their stay, decide to buy, they will have more valid arguments during negotiations; and, if otherwise, after staying at the property they decide not to buy it, then, obviously, they would have avoided a costly mistake.

The second service we provide is to guide potential buyers as to how much their offer should be, as we would know what other offers have been rejected for being too low; or alternatively, what would be the likely offer the owner would be happy to accept.

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