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How it works for home sellers

Follow these three simple steps to sell your property in the most advantageous way.


Upload information about your house, including asking price, and briefly describe its required monthly upkeeping. Also, tell us how much you would like to charge home buyers per day for their evaluation stays.


Browse through a list of trustworthy butlers, select the one you think will best take care of your house while it’s for sale, and reach an agreement on maintenance scope and assignment duration.


Supervise maintenance and house viewings or, if you prefer, leave that to us. Then, begin to review offers and sell for the best one to benefit from your house’s improved value and renewed market appeal.

Getting started

How can I select a butler after submitting a listing?

Houszy pre-selects all butlers based on their resumés, experience, and social media profile. The property owner then decides, on the basis of the candidate’s profile and their suitability for the assignment, out of a shortlist, who would be best for the job.

Alternatively, the owner can leave the final selection process to Houszy, in which case our decision would be made on the basis of our best judgment as to the best candidate for the job based on skills, experience, and social media profile.

What type of properties do you specialise in?

We specialise in upscale vacation homes or second homes that are currently not in frequent use by their owners, and whose value and market potential can be significantly increased with simple, but yet effective, maintenance and upkeeping while they are for sale.

I can show the house myself and it doesn’t need much maintenance. Can I submit a listing without having a butler at the property while you send buyers for evaluation stays?

Yes, there is a “Butler Pending” mode when we offer evaluation stays to potential buyers. However, we strongly advise having someone to look after potential buyers during their stays, specially in large houses where it can be troublesome getting to know the property well with all its features and nearby amenities. Having someone at the property to keep things running, often makes the difference between showing a homey place or an unpleasant house.

Do you provide listing agreement templates?

Yes, we provide agreement templates per assignment type and country according to local laws and regulations. And in addition, we like to propose draft agreements on each project, taking into account what was previously agreed by all parties.

What type of key maintenance can the butler undertake?

The house owner, together with Houszy, jointly agree at the outset on the key maintenance required on the property to increase its value and market appeal without the need of extensive expenditure. It might be a minor renovation or just plain upkeeping and maintenance. It might not be necessary to spend a lot of money to upgrade your home before you sell it. For instance, you could ask to clean the space thoroughly, make small repairs, replace worn carpets, look after the garden and add a fresh coat of paint to walls. You want people to walk into a house that looks well maintained, because otherwise if they see that you can’t take care of minor details, they are going to assume you have let bigger problems escape your attention.

Who bears the cost of this maintenance?

Our proposal to owners contemplates that any maintenance or repair expenses would be paid by the owners from fees generated by potential buyers’ stays; however, man hours then be provided by the actual butlers.

What if my house needs some remodelling before selling it?

In theses cases, only butlers who have a sound home remodelling background would be proposed for the assignment, and the cost of it would be financed by either the owner, if previously agreed, or through evaluation stays fees if it were feasible.

What are the advantages of having a person looking after my house instead of leaving it empty while it’s for sale?

Leaving your property empty for any length of time is equivalent to asking for trouble. Not only is your vacant house far more likely to be vandalised and burgled, but your home and contents insurance becomes null and void after your home is empty for longer than a month.

How long is typically a butler's stay and do I need to sign a rental agreement?

The duration of these stays depends on everyone’s agenda and the length of time the property is expected to be on the market. In any case, these stays should always be for a minimum of three months to make the assignment worthwhile to everyone.

A rental agreement is not required, what is required however is for the assigned butler to sign a freelance contract with Houszy, and for the owner to include a service clause in the assignment agreement with Houszy.

What license do I need to let potential buyers stay in my house for a few days?

In most countries, the law establishes that properties require a licence when either: accommodation is offered in a systematic or recurring way, for long or indefinite periods of time, are purposely established and advertised as a steady source of income for the owners, the owner or representative doesn’t live in the property, or the property offers services comparable to an apartment rental business. In the case of Houszy’s bookings by house buyers, none of the above applies. In fact, what house buyers book and pay for is not a short-term stay, but an option to buy a property during a certain a number of days, which gives them the added right to visit it anytime they want as expected future owners.

In any case, we make sure that we supply the owners beforehand with the legal information that applies to their specific jurisdiction before asking them to commit to any booking agreements.

How does the buy option work?

Generally speaking, a buy option agreement, also called a real estate option, is an arrangement in which, for a fee, a potential buyer or investor acquires the right to purchase real estate sometime in the future. Option contracts are often used in both commercial and residential transactions.

In this regard, we have legally adapted the typical real estate buy option agreement to the Houszy concept. We have done that by shortening the typical real estate option into days to be able to offer it as an incentive to a wide variety of interested buyers. Specifically, house owners, instead of having the burdensome work of signing an option with every potential buyer, we previously sign a long-term option with them, which we then assign to potential buyers for an agreed number of days.

What about liability insurance?

We can suggest a Home Owner Protection Insurance program to provide primary liability coverage in the event of a third-party claim of bodily injury or property damage related to a Houszy stay. However, we always ask potential buyers to sign a waiver for possible claims at the time of booking.

Am I bound to selling my house if I submit a listing?

Yes, interested buyers when booking for an evaluation stay are in fact paying for an option to purchase your property for the asking price, but with the added benefit of a free stay.

Do you provide marketing support to owners on For Sale By Owner (FSBO) deals?

We are not a registered real estate agency and therefore, in most markets, we can’t provide an agency type of service. However, we can advertise your house for you in more than 30 real estate portals for free. And, of course, show your property on our website, and offer potential buyers the possibility to visit it or take an evaluation stay. Just taking care of these visits and having the properties ready for viewings, takes away much of the owners’ strain, and considerably improves their selling chances, as well as it shortens the time that these properties are in the market.

Do you take listings that are already being marketed by a real estate agency?

Yes, we are eager to collaborate with real estate agencies, as we believe there is a strong mutual benefit from working together: we can improve the property’s market potential, and provide a trustworthy person to show it to a new source of interested buyers at no cost to the owner, nor to the agency. And because our commission is paid entirely by the buyer (as we usually act as buyer’s agents), the real estate agent gets to keep the agreed commission with the owner.

What commitments do house owners and Houszy acquire with each other when entering into an agreement?

  • Houszy must participate from the start in: suggesting key improvements and maintenance to maximise the property’s value, preselecting assignment candidates, supervising home improvements and maintenance tasks through the property’s blog, maintaining a continuous flow of potentially interested buyers, and in keeping track of house showings and offers. In addition, Houszy must leave a mutually agreed refundable deposit, be responsible for carrying out all the home improvements or upkeeping agreed with the owner at the outset, pay for utilities and insurance if previously agreed, make sure the property is always presentable for showings, and make sure the property is evacuated when the agreement ends or the house is sold.
  • House owners must respect the minimum term duration of the agreement established with Houszy (usually three months), reimburse any house improvements expenses if previously agreed, have no objection to the commission Houszy charges to the buyer if the property is sold during the term of the agreement. And in addition, house owners should consider in good faith all offers made by potential buyers, pay for utilities and insurance if previously agreed, call in advance when visiting the property, and return the deposit when the assignment has been compleated.

What if the butler taking on the assignment remains in the property past the agreement deadline?

Houszy takes great precautions in the selection of reliable and very professional people to prevent this from happening. In fact, we only enrol candidates that have secured for themselves a proven reputation, have strong references and a good social media profile.

In addition, every person taking on an assignment has to sign a legal binding contract with Houszy to make sure that we can take the necessary legal actions in case this happened.

Do you require sale exclusivity?

Yes, we require exclusivity during the term of the assignment, but we would respect the real estate agent’s commission if there were one, as our commission would be paid by the buyer.

What is my share of the evaluation stay fees?

Your share is 50% of all fees, the rest is allocated to the butler and to Houszy on an equal basis.

What fees do you charge for your service?

We ask for a market-based sales commission to either the seller or the buyer, depending on whether we are working with a real estate agent or not. In addition, we deduct 25% from the daily evaluation booking tag as a managing fee.